"Bio-esthetics is the study or theory of the beauty of living things in their natural forms and function."   ....R.L. Lee

Oral rejuvenation is one of the great challenges and opportunities for dentistry today and into the new millennium. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on good health and youthfulness as well as longevity. More than 60 million Americans are presently over the age of 55. The average life span for women today is 83 and men is nearly 80, and these numbers are rising every year. Millions of these people, however, have worn-out, overloaded, patchwork dentistry inadequate to last them throughout the rest of their lives. Patients like this exist in almost every dental practice, but are often overlooked. The team concept and interdisciplinary approach is essential for meeting the growing needs for rejuvenating these worn-out dentitions.

Bio-Esthetic Dentistry (DVD Series)

Presented by Dr. Robert L. Lee MS, DDS

Robert L. Lee, M.S., D.D.S.
Founder of Bioesthetic Dentistry

Beauty meets form...the secret to a healthy smile!

The Lee Institute for Orofacial Dentognathic Bioesthetics has designated OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry as the exclusive source for teaching the clinical applications of Bioesthetic Dentistry. Dr. James R. Benson, President & Director of Education at OBI, is dedicated to continuing the teaching of Dr. Lee's Phylosophy of Bioesthetic Dentistry.

"Orognathic Bioesthetics as an educational process that accepts biologic form as the basis for comprehensive functional diagnosis and rehabilitation of the stomatognathic system.”

Dr. Charles Wold

OBI - Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry

Kois Center, LLC

Roth Williams International Society of Orthodontists

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David MacLean, D.D.S
President of OBI - Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry

Principles of Bioesthetics

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